No 1 World of Warcraft

I used to get in a lot of trouble playing for playing this game. I would have never guessed that I would have had the opportunity to do design work that would reach the eyes of millions of people worldwide.

Being at Blizzard a second time around, I was able to adapt to my teams work flow very quickly. As a web design intern, I was responsible for creating a broad range of graphic and visual assets. The bulk of my internship was to create new layouts for the World of Warcraft website redesign. Most projects were accomplished by working remotely with engineers at Blizzard's Austin, Texas office.

No 2 Process

  • Review current site state and draw sample sketches on paper/whiteboard
  • Decide what assets are required and think about responsiveness while making wireframes
  • Add color and textures while helping engineers implement raster phase

No 3 Wireframe Example

No 4 Raster Example

No 5 Recommendation

“I was consistently impressed with the work Tim did during his time with us and his eagerness to step in and share both his passion and expertise with the team. Tim was receptive to possibilities, changes, and the culture of iteration. He didn't become overly attached to a single interpretation or solution, rather he kept an open mind to testing and validating different ideas. Tim was also very good at relationship building and making himself accessible to his teammates. His attitude was positive and easy-going which facilitated rapport building. He always provided feedback in a respectful method and was extremely reliable for delivering on his commitments. Tim planned the tasks very deliberately and spent his time wisely, even during stressful situations. And, very importantly, he was able to discriminate when was a good time to rapidly prototype and when was appropriate to zero in on polish, which I feel is an important skill for truly effective designers. ”

— Katherine Joplin, Designer at Blizzard Entertainment