No 1 Bio

Hi! I'm Tim.

I taught myself web and graphic design at an early age during middle school because it expanded my ability to rapidly customize, change, and prototype. I loved it. I've always been the type to experiment. As an ambitious kid, I was intent on using my creativity towards what people considered to be useful, so I began a freelance business and posted Craigslist ads. I figured nobody would trust and want to hire a 12 year old to offer professional creative services, so my older brother was the face of Project Wang. We did several jobs ranging from web design to motion graphics. During high school, I won several awards in web design contests. From there, my approach to design has been increasingly purposeful and challenging.

My ideas regarding design have altered a lot, especially in the last two years I've spent completing my MFA degree from RISD. During my time there, I was constantly creating new projects for virtual reality. Designing human interaction and user experience in an efficient and intuitive manner takes a lot of work. And most of the time, there is no perfect solution - some things have to be prioritized over others. However, the strongest trait I've been able to work on is to make smart choices based on feedback and instinct.

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