Block Island

Multimedia Installation, 2014
Collaboration with Rosa Park
The audiovisual installation, Block Island, explores a surreal experience of Block Island located in Rhode Island, which is represented in a gallery context in a unique way. The work portrays a variety of panoramic views of the island, including animals that are emerging on a separate screen layer as shadows or a surrealistic imagery. In the space, two screen panels are installed with separate projections that have an overlapping image. Each screen shows panning landscape views and animals moving, respectively.

Viewers are invited to be a part of the work and create their own shadow silhouettes on the screen like virtual animals while playing with light, shadow, and space. Through the interaction, they can experience different perception from changing position, imagining themselves that they are walking down the real shore, harbour, animal farm, and the South East Lighthouse in Block Island. Also, the audience hears the sounds of each spot, such as wind, breaking waves, birds chirping, and different kinds of animals, which are gradually overlapped each other over time.

Utilizing digital media and a gallery context, “Block Island” recreates the real world in order to not only provide the audience a playful and fun experience of their surroundings, but also actively include them as another surreal layer of the entire installation in the space.

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