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EA is a global brand with a diverse portfolio of games. I led an effort to structure and visualize data through thoughtfully designed web-based tools. I've worked alongside data scientists, engineers, analysts, game producers, and designers as a unified tEAm to solve complex problems and provide useful insights to improve player experiences, live services, and overall gaming products.

It's in the game

Madden Live

Supporting Madden Ultimate Team from a live content perspective means constantly updating game data based on seasonal changes, new updates, and real life events. The process for updating this type of content before I arrived was suboptimal, requiring direct changes to live databases while being easily prone to errors. My collaboration with the tool's users and stakeholders meant relying heavily on an empathetic approach to understanding their current processes and future needs, all the while balancing technical feasibilities with full-stack web developers. Greater efficiency, effectiveness, and features of Madden tools will impact the product life cycle of the game since it will be quicker and easier to manage live service content across all platforms, resulting in time saved and more exciting game content.

Built for Data Engineers

Designing backend tools to manage big data can get complicated extremely quickly because of the large scale of content. Being organized, providing options, and keeping the user experience simple are the keys to success in producing effective data tools. Through iterative design jams and focus group testing, concepts transform into usable products. Strong foundational design allows these products to organically grow based on user needs and wants. For example, I spent over a month designing an effective navigation for EA's telemetry management tool across all EA titles. This tool is a single source of truth for data taxonomy for player input and behavior. Through design improvements, this data repository provided high quality, standardized data definitions to allow product managers and analysts to easily compare titles and understand every player's journey.

Designed for Executives

Turning raw data into digestible and meaningful information takes more than just explanation. To express the true impact of how data can improve products and services requires an effective approach to storytelling. Oftentimes, the audience is limited on time or information to understand minor details. This is especially the case for projects that I've worked on that are presented at an executive level. In these cases, it is most effective to cover big picture ideas at a high level and be very intentional about the details that are chosen to support specific insights. This can be true for live dashboards with everchanging data and more static projects that try to get a point across to push for change or understanding.

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