NetEase Games

Mobile platforms will continue to be how much of every day technology is experienced. With a focus on mobile games at NetEase, I gained insight into what works best when interacting with a handheld size screen.

Game UI/UX

A touch-screen interface that feels natural on a mobile device is one of the most important aspects of most NetEase games. How they are experienced based on visual cues, animation, and interaction makes or breaks the product. I was given the responsibility to design several elements for in-game (i.e. action buttons, tooltip textures, shop interfaces) and out-of-game experiences (i.e. game logos, App Store launch, user acquisition) across several NetEase titles such as Crusaders of Light, Tome of the Sun, Knives Out, Immortal Conquest, Eternal Arena, and Onmyoji.

Web Design

I worked autonomously and took ownership of the North American corporate website for NetEase Games. From design to technical implementation, I produced a home on the web that would not only showcase each successful NetEase game, but also express the company's passion for making them. The most difficult challenge I overcame was taking over a contract with a third party vendor for the development of the website. Unfortunately, they did not meet expectations and my attempts to reconcile and pull back on designs to meet deadlines only helped so much. I knew that if I wanted the website launch to be successful, I would have to take on more of the heavy lifting from designing to coding to testing. In the end, evaluation and feedback from executive director stakeholders were very positive.

Graphic Design

I worked closely with the marketing team to produce images and community content that was used to build user growth for each game and update launched. With quick turn-around times, I was given a lot of creative freedom to come up with imagery that would represent the message or call to action that was to be used. From these projects, I drastically improved my ability to digitally paint, apply motion graphics, and use appropriate typography varying by style for each unique game.

Yang Meh Meh